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Thursday, March 31, 2011

We miss you Grandpa

Granpda Kos died on 3/12/2011 after a short battle with colon cancer. This picture was taken in December when we celebrated his 90th birthday. What an inspiration he was to all of us as a father, father-in-law and a grandfather. We are so happy that he is finally in heaven with his loving wife who passed away in 1978.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Proud of our boys!

Tonight Matt and Bryan had their lacrosse banquet....It was a nice way to end a very rewarding season. Matt was on the varsity team and for reason unknown to many, Bryan made the JV team.

As the season progressed, Bryan was brought up to varsity for the last few games of the season and the playoffs...He got his due reward tonight and was honored as the JV team MVP this season. Could not be prouder.

Matt earned his first varsity letter and that is such a great accomplishment for a freshman. So proud of both our boys.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day...glad to have my kids home to celebrate it with me!!

It is amazing to me how fast our babies have grown up. I just had a mothers day tea at preschool and it is those days that I miss. I am sure to always tell mothers of young children to love their kids, spoil them, play with them and enjoy the many moments of their lasts.....I would give anything to freeze time, but God has other plans for me. I guess that is why I continue to teach at the preschool as I enjoy the little one's so much.....AND now I love my teenage kids. Mike and I are proud of each one of them and we appreciate all of the little things that make each one of them so unique! We are VERY blessed!

With that being said, I want to wish my own mother a very happy Mother's Day. She continues to be a solid rock for our family as my brothers and sisters, along with myself can count her to be there when needed. (This happens more often than we would like to admit!) Thanks mom for being so wonderfully made and there for me in the good times and bad. I love you!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A family picture from our trip to Kauai, Hawaii this past Christmas

I need an evening out with Mike

The kids have been very busy with lacrosse and school and...I am in need of a vacation or at least a pick-me-up date with Mike this weekend. He usually wants to relax as he is traveling back and forth between Greenville and Mooresville every week. I would love to have an evening with him.....

I know that the next few weeks will be busy with lacrosse season and playoffs just around the corner. Lindsay and Meghan will be done with school in early May! I can not believe that their first year of college is just about done! Study, study, study for those exams girls!